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Hello Ubud, Let the Yoga Begin!

This is John. It is 7:09 PM in Ubud, Bali, quickly nearing the end of day two. Thus far, we are having loads of fun. By the way, it is Saturday evening, not Friday as it is where most of you live. Being this far east is like living in the future.

We dedicated this three week excursion to Food, Meditation and Yoga. I know, I know, for years I have been telling anyone who would listen how much I despise yoga. Ok, as the saying goes, “there is a time for every season”, and the season for hating yoga has long passed.

The picture of the Yoga Cat below is quite remarkable (if I do say so myself). First, it was pure luck that we got the shot off because Mr. Whiskers (not his real name) was on the move and impossible to slow down. Second, this is the third cat in less than a year that seems to have taken a liking to me. Go figure! You can also see Bev in the shot, in the mirror she is wearing the pink top on your left. And finally, we needed some filler so you wouldn’t have to see any ugly pictures of my first yoga class in a very long time. Believe it or not, I enjoyed it. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning when Bev needs to help me out of bed.

Justin, from Sydney, later told me how surprised he was that we go the shot. The cat had been laying on one of the pillows and suddenly decided to move. 
Happy Budha, Happy Bev. Our yoga and meditation classes are at an amazing place, The Yoga Barn. Every time we go there her smiles get bigger and bigger.
So comfy!

Our Airbnb is right off the main street in Ubud, an adorable old town, featured in the movie Eat, Pray, Love. It has become quite the Yoga/Foodie Mecca. Our Hosts, Katut and Novika could not be more hospitable or hard working. Great rooms, clean as clean can be and very comfortable.

Also, breakfast is included. That’s right. Breakfast included. And, we don’t mean stale processed croissants or two day old oatmeal, either. Check out our breakfast on day 1.

There are Temples Everywhere. There are smaller temples honoring Family, Neighborhood, and the Village, as well as larger, more significant, temples.

Keeping evil spirits and bad people out was, and to some degree still is, big business in Bali’s Temple industry. These stone guardians on the temple remind me of gargoyles in European architecture. Perhaps they serve a similar purpose.

The Street Art is really very cool here. Actually, it may be the only things that is “cool” here as it is warm and very humid. The Street Art is quite different from that of Melbourne or Sydney, but has a similar spirit of improvisation. There is some serious talent here.

Caring for dogs, cats, horses, and Alpaca in a small village in a foreign country can be daunting. But, not for us. We have done it before, as International House & Pet Sitters we get to make new friends with all sorts of critters.

With our new pet sitter friends Peter & Karen Pecksen. They are originally from Canada. We met for lunch in the Barossa Valley near Adelaide.

The best part of travel is making new human friends. We have rented our home and gotten rid of most of our “stuff” so we could explore the world, unencumbered. Join us as we explore how to live like locals without it costing a fortune. #trustedtales #airbnb #OnTheRoadWithBev&John

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