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An Elephant’s Smooch

A Valentine’s Story I was sprawled out on the paper thin bed mattress. Not in luxury, but in an effort to avoid any flesh from touching any other flesh in the afternoon heat and humidity that is Thailand. My four limbs spread to the four corners of the earth to maximize the surface area in… Continue reading An Elephant’s Smooch

All Things Slithery

“Pusa, whatcha doing there? Pusa?” She meowed back to me over her shoulder keeping one eye on the prize.  I hoped she would lose interest in the prize behind the credenza so I could continue my relaxing afternoon.  Cats are not known to be particularly considerate, this was no exception. I was deeply involved in… Continue reading All Things Slithery

Pizza Surprise

“You can’t judge a book by its cover”…we know that. And it’s been confirmed over and over again as we travel the world. We were traveling in Florida for a couple of months. It was during the Covid era and people were hesitant to travel, so we had very few pet sits lined up. This… Continue reading Pizza Surprise

We’re Back and More Excited Than Ever: Traveling After the Pandemic Lockdown

It has been a while since we last updated you on our journey. The truth is we have been having so much fun exploring Charleston, South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; a lot of Florida (especially the Everglades and Cedar Key); Big Canoe, Georgia (again); Nashville & Memphis, Tennessee taking and editing a zillion photos, there has… Continue reading We’re Back and More Excited Than Ever: Traveling After the Pandemic Lockdown

Big Surprise in Big Canoe

We had heard from friends Pam and Robert Cardone, formerly of Georgia, that Big Canoe was very nice. Little did we know that “very nice” did not even begin to describe this lovely community. Big Canoe is a paradise built on 8000 acres of mountainside in Northern Georgia. Big Canoe is a little over an… Continue reading Big Surprise in Big Canoe