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Thanksgiving Road Trip Through Texas

We really like Texas.

No one is more surprised than Bev and me. We expected to not like it at all. With the exception of a couple of short business trips, we had spent very little time in Texas. Nevertheless, we had developed a strong negative opinion. Maybe because so many friends told us that it is so big that by the time we drove through Texas we’d hate it.

This is our second trip here since September. Both times we chose to drive from our home in Arizona. An AirBnB in Abilene now ranks in our top 5 all time. And the one we just left in Boerne (pronounced Bernie) was a definite 5. Boerne is small, quaint, friendly, vibrant, and a must visit for and traveler. Other places get more publicity, like Fredericksburg, but we’ll take Boerne any time. The Main Street alone will make you think of days gone by, when every town had a vibrant “Downtown”.

We are currently spending Thanksgiving in Manor, near. Austin, Texas. We are caring for 3 terrific dogs; Chloe (Puggle), Charlie (Mix Rescuer), and Hank (a young Pit Bull Mix).

Miss Chloe
Charming Charlie
Hank the Hammer

The weather has been gloomy, rainy, and chilly. But, we’ve enjoyed every minute. These dogs are a delight. Each has a vastly different personality. Miss Chloe, the elderly one, sttays to herself, sleeps a lot, and is a real luv bug.

Charlie, took to bev right away but not me. We had been told she has issues with men, particularly tall men with big voices (she is a little scared of loud noises). It took her a couple of days but we eventually became besties.

Hank, has a really BIG personality. He is young, all muscle, and full of energy. More than once he got into some food in the kitchen, knocking over pans, and enjoying a little snack from whatever doesn’t make it back into the container. He does this with such panache and gusto that it is hard to get mad for very long.

The homeowners return tomorrow and we head out to our next sit in Big Canoe, Georgia. We’ll make short stops in Shreveport and Birmingham before going to Charleston for a few days. Charleston has been on our “Bucket List” for a long time so to say we are excited would be an understatement.

We hope yo all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

See you on the road,

Bev & John


los frailes dogs_01 14 20_j B and kids _edited-2

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