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Horse Grooming for the Fun of it

As you know, we have been volunteering at Hunkapi Farms since Covid-19 shut our travel plans down. Our interest in volunteering was primarily being around the horses.

“Princess” courtesy of Hunkapi Farms Website

Hunkapi Farms is a equine therapy center in Scottsdale, Arizona that helps individuals with emotional and psychological wellness through interaction with horses.

We have loved horses for many years. There is something about these beautiful animals that just captivates Bev and I. Their size, their agility, their different personalities, how they take to one person or another. Over the years we have learned to ride, but we would never call ourselves experts. In fact, when we care for horses during a pet sitting assignment we always tell the owners that we are not experts and will not ride their horses. That would be too risky, for the horse and us. We just love being around them.

Hunkapi has given us exactly the opportunity we have been looking for. We can muck stalls to our hearts content (which, by the way, is great exercise) but we can choose to be more involved. Hunkapi has offered us to, not only mucking stalls, but also exercise the horses, and even get involved in the classes for kids.

So many people have asked about our experience at Hunkapi that we put together a video about grooming. It is part of our Farm Fit & Fun program. Wnjoy.

Bev Lovin on Sunshine Before Grooming

Thanks for following us. Let us know what you think of this and other videos.

See you on the road.

Bev & John

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