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Great Pyrenees Puppies Graduation

All of Peony’s Pyrenees puppies are all spoken for and have joined their new forever homes this weekend.

The Great Pyrenees Puppies have brought tremendous love and cuteness to Hunkapi and every person that has been touched by them will miss each one. In the true spirit of Hunkapi, we celebrated these babies yesterday during a private graduation celebration attended by staff, volunteers, and the puppies new families.

“Hunkapi” is a term from the indigenous people of the Lakota tribes of the mid to western United States. “Hunkapi” means “making of relatives,” according to Akta Lakota Museum and Culture’s webpage. Hunkapi is a center located in Scottsdale, Arizona that provides equine therapy and retreat experiences with horses to help with emotional and psychological wellness.

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Bev & John

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