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Santa Fe — A Break From the Arizona Heat

If you are a sun worshiper, come to Arizona. But, fair warning, Arizona summer sun is like nothing you may have experienced before.

Thus far, the Arizona summer heat has set several records, most notably, The Most Consecutive Days Over 110 Degrees — 45 consecutive days over 110 as of August 20.

We like warm weather but 110-120F is like sticking your head in a pizza oven and leaving it there.

So off we went to Santa Fe, New Mexico. At 7,199 feet above sea level, Santa Fe is much cooler with an average high in August of 83 degrees, as compared with an average high of 104 in Phoenix. From August 1-20 Phoenix has averaged 111 degrees this year.

Ok, so it’s hot!

Thankfully, Santa Fe was not.

With Covid-19 restrictions on travel, Santa Fe has attracted far fewer visitors this summer. That is certainly sad news for the residents and businesses but it was good news for us. Everything, including the hiking trails, were far less crowded than we anticipated.

All in all, we had a great trip. Our AirBnB was just outside of town while still close to everything we were interested in. Restaurants were open for outside dining and the few times we went out we had no trouble getting seated. Stores were generally open, especially on the famous Canyon Road.

Santa Fe Love Birds
Morning Coffee
Santa Fe Wood Statue Masked Up
Hard at work…
Rock, Paper, Scissors!
Purple & White
Geocaching while hiking
working over coffee
Guard Dog…
Chica Morning Visit
Hummingbird Nest Outside Front Door

Two weeks went by too quickly. We hiked just about every day and it was wonderful. Little breaks like this can make a huge difference, especially now, when we seem to be shut down. Our advice — take a trip and enjoy every moment.

Our Santa Fe Break Away

Thanks for joining us on our journey.

See you on the Road,

Bev & John

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