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Farm Fit and Fun With Fur Babies

Volunteering at Hunkapi Farms, an equine therapy center, during Covid-19 has been a joy and a life-saver. While many of our friends stay stuck in their homes, away from any risk of contracting this dreaded pandemic, we get to go to do meaningful work with animals outdoors. At Hunkapi we work with the horses, practice our riding skills, and make a little bit of a difference to this magical place that cares for kids and adults with various needs.

One of the seriously magical moments has been seeing Peonie, the Mama Great Pyrenees dog, deliver 10 furry babies and then watching them grow over their first eight weeks. Their growth has been amazingly fast and their various personalities have been uncovered and developed along the way. We captured some of this on the following video which we hope you enjoy.

1-8 Weeks of Pyrenees Pleasure

Thanks for following us. See you on the road.

Bev & John

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