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We’re Back and More Excited Than Ever

It has been a while since we last updated you on our journey. The truth is we have been having so much fun exploring Savanah, Florida (especially the Everglades and Cedar Key) , Big Canoe (again), Nashville, Memphis, taking and editing a zillion photos, there has been too little time for writing. Now this update… Continue reading We’re Back and More Excited Than Ever


Big Surprise in Big Canoe

We had heard from friends Pam and Robert Cardone, formerly of Georgia, that Big Canoe was very nice. Little did we know that "very nice" did not even begin to describe this lovely community. Big Canoe is a paradise built on 8000 acres of mountainside in Northern Georgia. Bi Canoe is a little over an… Continue reading Big Surprise in Big Canoe


A New Love Affair for Bev and John

Bev and I have fallen in love... again! The last time was thirty one years ago and we renewed our commitment to each other in Paris in 2018. What we mean is that we have fallen head over heels in love with Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston has been on our "Bucket List" for as long… Continue reading A New Love Affair for Bev and John