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Spring Colors of Arizona

cave creek_2020 Apr 10_red green at fountain_edited-2
Desert Honeysuckle at Fountain Park

Some people tell us they don’t enjoy Arizona because they prefer “seasons” and Arizona does”n have seasons.

Oh really?

We were fortunate to return to our home in Fountain Hills, Arizona (just outside Scottsdale) in time for the Covid-19 Quarantine and in time to capture the majesty of one of our seasons, spring. The color is bold and vibrant if you can catch it at the right time in the right places.

Around Fountain Park there is plenty of colorful cacti in the spring; hedgehogs, firesticks, saguaro, desert honeysuckle, and Mexican Poppies.

cave creek_2020 Apr 11_yellow 'n purple_edited-1
Yellow Hedgehog
cave creek_2020 Apr 10_cactus and firestick_edited-2
Firesticks framed by Cactus
cave creek_2020 Apr 11_yellow_edited-2
Yellow Bloom at Care Free Regional Park
cave creek_2020 Apr 11_yello spring field_edited-2
Field of Yellow and Green
cave creek_2020 Apr 11_Az Spring On A Cloudy Day_edited-2
Field of Green and Yellow
cave creek_2020 Apr 11_1 yellow_edited-2
Big Yellow
cave creek_2020 Apr 11_4 Pink Hedgehog Flowers_edited-2
Yellow Field with Hedgehog
cave creek_2020 Apr 10_firesticks at Fountain_edited-2
Firesticks at the Fountain
cave creek_2020 Apr 10_spring fire on cactus_edited-2
Cactus and Firesticks
cave creek_2020 Apr 10_yellow and firestickc_edited-2
cave creek_2020 Apr 11_hills of green and yellow_edited-2
Green and Yellow Hills
cave creek_2020 Apr 11_claret hedgehog_edited-2
Claret Hedgehogs

Remember, these shots were taken during the backside of the spring color season. A week earlier and some of them would have been lots more vibrant.

The Hedgehog Cactus may be my favorite. They bloom in various colors, these being Claret. We have one in our yard, that has yet to bloom, that is a deep orange color. The shot below was taken 4 years ago. We are hoping that it will bloom as vibrantly this year, in a week or two.

yourshot-3 Hedgehogs
Orange Hedgehog Cactus in Bev and John’s yard.

During our hike at the Care Free Regional Park we were luck to catch two riders in the hills. It was so peaceful and solitary that we went by the stables to see if we could ride on Easter Sunday. Sadly, they were packing up the horses and gear to return to Idaho for the summer.

cave creek_2020 Apr 11_Two Riders_edited-3

Perhaps another time, or maybe we’ll drive to Idaho in May or June. So is the life On The Road With Bev and John.

See you on the Road,

Bev & John


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