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Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

While maintaining proper social distancing, we drove into DC to see the Cherry Blossoms for the first time. We had been told that it is normally so crowded that it is difficult to see anything. On this day in DC it was like a ghost town. There were so few people that we parked near the Washington Memorial and walked around the Tidal Basin. The “Blossoms” were in full bloom.

Most of these images do not need captions. Just enjoy them as we did.

You can see that people were beginning to arrive and walk the Tidal Basin.

All of these shots were taken the day before access to the Cherry Blossoms near the Tidal Basin was completely shut down. The Carona Craziness is serious business and we certainly would have refrained had the complete Locke-down been in place. We just wanted to take a walk. Oh, well, check theCherry Blossoms off our bucket lists. We’ll certainly not forget this adventure any time soon.

See you on the road (hopefully soon),

Bev & John





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