Arizona Snowy White Egrets in Spring

As serious as John is about photography, we both know that “shooting” birds has not been his strong suit. He says, “the little buggers just won’t stay still”!

We recently went to the Riparian Preserve at Gilbert Water Ranch in Gilbert, Arizona for a walk, a bit of fresh spring Arizona air, and yet another try at photographing birds. As it turns out, he may be making some progress after all.

His focus for the day was the Snowy White Egret. It can be majestic and powerful in flight while also fragile and elegant. With a long zoom lens and a fast shutter speed he shot away.

What a day!

AZ Reparian_2020 Apr 17_Take Off 1_edited-1AZ Reparian_2020 Apr 17_landing_edited-2AZ Reparian_2020 Apr 17_lift off_edited-2AZ Reparian_2020 Apr 17_up and up_edited-2AZ Reparian_2020 Apr 17_Spring Dance_edited-2AZ Reparian_2020 Apr 17_self-isolation_edited-2

These were all taken from quite a distance (at least 100 yards).  He was quite happy about these and shots of a couple of other creatures.

Like the Turtles —

AZ Reparian_2020 Apr 17_luv turtles_edited-2
We wondered what was going on here? Was the turtle on the left blind or amorous?

and, the little bunnies hiding from pedestrians.

AZ Reparian_2020 Apr 17_bunny_edited-2
“If I just stand still maybe they won’t notice me.”

But the stars were the Snowy White Egrets, and their spring dancing.

AZ Reparian_2020 Apr 17_Spring Dance_edited-2

See you on tthe road,

Bev & John


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