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30 Years and Getting Stronger

Yesterday was our 30 Anniversary. Why we have been telling everyone it was number 31 is anyone’s guess. John keeps telling people that he knew his career in banking would be short-lived because he couldn’t add. Oh, well, we think thirty pretty great.
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Anniversaries are great because we get a chance to reflect, appreciate, and create how we might be better. Neither of us can imagine our lives could be any better than they are now. We have so many places to see and learn about and so little time. We only wish we had done this sooner, much sooner.

See you on the road,

Bev & John


b & J Rome 2017)Caring for two dogs, two horses, two goats, two cats, and a bunch of chickens and roosters in a small village in a foreign country can be
daunting. But, not for us. (Or should we say not for Bev.) We have done it before,
As International Trusted House Sitters we get to make new friends with all sorts of critters. The best part, however, is making new human friends.

About Bev & John
We have rented our home and rid ourselves of most of our “collection of stuff” so we could explore the world, unencumbered. Join us as we learn how to live like locals, throughout the world, without it costing a fortune.

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