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All Things Slithery

“Pusa, whatcha doing there? Pusa?” She meowed back to me over her shoulder keeping one eye on the prize.  I hoped she would lose interest in the prize behind the credenza so I could continue my relaxing afternoon.  Cats are not known to be particularly considerate, this was no exception. I was deeply involved in… Continue reading All Things Slithery

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The Streets of San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is such a vibrant city. The color, the art, the music, theater, and the food are magical. But, what makes this city truly stand out is its people. John recently participated in a three day Street Photography course. The images speak volumes about the variety and vibrancy of San Miguel. A… Continue reading The Streets of San Miguel de Allende

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Living Our Zany Chosen Life…

Thanksgiving is over, can you believe it? Nevertheless, we continue to think about just how grateful we are for so, so many blessings. Our continued good health. Two beautiful. strong, and independent daughters who are amazing Moms to 5 smart, funny, beautiful, awesome grandchildren, each with their own strengths and talents. Family members and friends… Continue reading Living Our Zany Chosen Life…

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Todays Walk, Routine or Enchanted?

Today we went on a walk with Pilot, Nancy and Angus, a beautiful black Labrador, owned by the son of our new friends, Andrew and Susan Meehan. Our dogs had never met Angus before. We were understandably a bit cautious as, our dogs, especially Nancy, can be a tad territorial at times. Not today! Everything was… Continue reading Todays Walk, Routine or Enchanted?

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Let the Pet Sitting Begin – Three Months in France, wonderful pets, country, homes, and homeowners

Spring color in the village park where it was easy to imagine it to be a backdrop for painters, picnickers and general frolicking . Following a 9 hour flight from Bangkok to Paris, and a 2 + hour train, we were greeted with a touch of spring in Valence, France. With one night at a… Continue reading Let the Pet Sitting Begin – Three Months in France, wonderful pets, country, homes, and homeowners