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Living Our Zany Chosen Life…

Thanksgiving is over, can you believe it?

Nevertheless, we continue to think about just how grateful we are for so, so many blessings.

    • Our continued good health.
    • Two beautiful. strong, and independent daughters who are amazing Moms to 5 smart, funny, beautiful, awesome grandchildren, each with their own strengths and talents.
    • Family members and friends who love and support us in what must certainly appear to be an insane adventure of house and pet sitting around the world.
    • Our home and friends in Fountain Hills, Arizona, a fabulous place to return to periodically.
    • The opportunity to live our crazy chosen lifestyle while we can enjoy it so thoroughly.

Now we are back in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for four months of pert sitting. We have only been here for two days and already have made several new friends.

We are so grateful for such a wonderfully crazy lifestyle.

See you on the road,

Bev & John


Happy 31st Anniversay
Purdy and Lilly joined us for our 30th anniversary lunch.

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