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A Visit With A Few Furry Four Legged Friends

FH Mustangs_11 27 19_eight wide_edited-1

You may know by now that Bev and I love horses. Everything about them is majestic, to us. They are pretty big, huge in some cases, yet their eyes are usually gentle. They move with such grace while starting and stopping on a dime. We find everything about them beautiful.

We are blessed to have our home in Fountain Hills, Arizona, where there are quite a few wild mustangs roaming the Yavapai Indian Reservation next door. Although we do not always see them, we are convinced it is good luck to do so.

This morning we went out early just to see if we could find a few and photograph them. There were no sightings at our first stop. However, as we drove down the Bush Highway toward Mesa, Arizona, Bev spotted a few. We pulled over to check them out. There may have been twenty five or more from the top of a very high ridge down to a few hundred yards from where we were standing.

It is rare to see them and even more rare to see this many at one time, in one place. What a blessing!

FH Mustangs_11 27 19_seven_edited-1_inPixioFH Mustangs_11 27 19_nine_edited-1FH Mustangs_11 27 19_three_inPixio


These horses have roamed this land for years and years, some people say they are descendants of  horses brought here by the Spanish. Although they are considered “wild”, we have been as close to them as 5 or 6 feet without any fear. Bev took the shot below of a mare and her baby, from closer than that.


Whether a horse or an unfamiliar person, we can be intimidated at times. In our experience you just have to look in their eyes. You will usually see gentleness and kindness.

And, these beauties are smart. The area they have chosen to roam around in is spectacularly beautiful, along the Salt River surrounded by mountains, canyons and plenty of space to love life everyday.

FH Mustangs_11 27 19_0806_inPixio
The canyon just on the other side of the Salt River where “tubers” abound during the warm weather, which is most of the time.
FH Mustangs_11 27 19_lone fisherman_inPixio
A lone fisherperson on this the day before Thanksgiving.

Each time we return from some distant part of the world to our home in Arizona we are reminded just how truly blessed we are to have the opportunity to explore other countries, cultures, customs, and cuisine and then return to our little piece of paradise.

See you on the road,

Bev & John


Happy 31st Anniversay
Purdy and Lilly joined us for our 30th anniversary lunch.

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