Central and South America, Mexico

A Place of Peace and Color

San Miguel de Allende is nothing if not colorful.

The people, homes, streets, restaurants, and cafe’s, are more vibrant than most of the places we have ever visited. The color combined with the friendliness makes San Miguel de Allende magical.

Thorn & Flowers
John’s favorite picture thus far, Thorns and Flowers was taken during our walk to the lake.
Orange House
The orange house, so colorful with beautiful gardens adding even more color, such a joy to walk past everyday.
Balloon Over Los Frailes
One morning we were awakened by this balloon flying directly over our backyard.
Blue Door
One of our favorite homes — The Blue Door. This blue is similar to the color seen throughout France. Our neighborhood in Los Frailes is covered with it.
Foundation Remains
Even the dried pastures can be colorful.
It is very typical to see colorful tiles adorning doors and the walls surrounding homes in San Miguel de Allende. This one is particularly vibrant.
And, the sheep and cattle grazing add just a bit of color to the dried fields bordering the lake.
Dead Playground
Color can be a fun attitude, like the playground in this family’s yard with the hanging skeleton right next to the kids carousel.
pool area
Just a touch of traditional orange on the back wall of our yard.
The bright bougainvillea frame vintage windows.
This is the second story of an elegant home not far from us. The windows make the home appear to be even more expansive.
Green House
The Green House, a very large and elegant home at the end of our street. The owners are from the U.S. and have a wonderful small dog that guards the property.

This journey has helped us notice color more than ever. We have discovered how vibrant the world really is just by walking and observing. Italy, Morocco, Hoi An, Vietnam, Thailand, Rotterdam all opened our eyes to color and beauty. San Miguel de Allende, or probably Mexico in general, is in brilliant contrast to the color, or lack of it, in England during our last two house and pet sitting assignments. On the other hand, the color of Ireland, the land of 40 shades of green, during August was also breathtaking. Interestingly enough, the Yorkshire Dales in Northern England is nearly as green as Ireland.

Color brightens our days and our spirit everywhere we go, including our home in Fountain Hills Arizona.

See you on the road,

Bev & John


Our favorite walk in Los Frailes, San Miguel

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