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Todays Walk, Routine or Enchanted?

Today we went on a walk with Pilot, Nancy and Angus, a beautiful black Labrador, owned by the son of our new friends, Andrew and Susan Meehan.

Our dogs had never met Angus before. We were understandably a bit cautious as, our dogs, especially Nancy, can be a tad territorial at times.

Not today!

Everything was perfect; blue skies, sun, crisp early fall weather, cornfields that had been cleared, giving the dogs places to romp off-lead, a stop at the town coffee shop, lunch at “The Meehans”, totally well-behaved dogs, and so much more it is impossible to put into words. We’ll let the pictures speak for us.

After the walk we like to visit to town coffee shop. It is completely run by volunteers who, over the past years, have donated several hundred thousand pounds to their preferred charities.

We have tea while the dogs get some water and a much deserved rest.

Finally, we went to our friends home with the dogs to enjoy a lunch outside while catching some pretty views of their terrific gardens.

We are so fortunate to be here in North Curry, England, a fabulous little village with so many friendly people while the weather is near perfect.

See you on the road,

Bev & John


NC Day 14_Bev John Taunton_edited-3
Bev and John in Taunton, England

Caring for two dogs and a cat in a small village in a foreign country can be
daunting. But, not for us. We have done it before,
As International Trusted House Sitters we get to make new friends with all sorts of critters. The best part, however, is making new human friends.

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