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Evening Dog Walk Over The North Curry Countryside

It happens everyday, our walk (or walks) with the dogs through the beautiful North Curry, England countryside. Last evening it was especially beautiful, and fun.

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It is Saturday afternoon and we are going for a long 2-3 hour walk with the dogs and some neighbors. It is another beautiful early fall day so the walk should be loads of laughs.

See you on the road.

Bev & John 



NC Day 14_Bev John Taunton_edited-3
Bev and John in Taunton

Caring for two dogs and a cat in a small village in a foreign country can be
daunting. But, not for us. We have done it before,
As International Trusted House Sitters we get to make new friends with all sorts of critters. The best part, however, is making new human friends.

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