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A Piece of Our Hearts Will Remain On The Road

It is the end of week 4 in North Curry, England and, as usual, we are beginning to have some mixed emotions.

We are looking forward to visiting Bradford-on-Avon and Bath for a few days. A walking tour, Instagram photography workshop and probably a cooking class are on the agenda.

Then we are off to Henstridge for our next month-long pet sit. This is a big one, with dogs, a couple of cats, a Shetland pony, a goat and some hens.

On the other hand, our sit here has been a joy and we’ll miss this little village almost as much as we’ll miss Pilot, Nancy, and Frank. Once again, the pets have endeared themselves to us, made us laugh, and kept us very much in line.

Place your cursor over the pictures below to read the caption.

And, of course, the best part of being on the road is the new friends we make. Last evening we went to a dinner party hosted by Susan and Andrew Meehen (our new friends who attended the University of New Hampshire, as we did).

nc day 28_Dinner Party
L-R: Cherry, Jo, Nigel, Susan, Alan,                    Bev, & Andrew.

It was a lively group with even more lively conversation,  The food was exquisite, the wine flowed, and we stayed up much later than normal. All-in-all, a perfect evening.

We’ll leave another piece of our hearts in North Curry.

See you on the road,

Bev & John

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