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A Step Back in Time at The Blackmore Vale Hunt

Saturday, October 20 we woke early and found a wonderful email invitation from our neighbor in Henstridge, England to attend the inaugural Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt. Since we love horses so much, and since it was a beautiful sunny, dry day (a very rare thing on this trip to England) we jumped on the chance to witness a little English history.

We thought it would be a bunch of horses gathering in a field with a few dogs to chase a fox. Oh, no!

This was on a magnificent estate, Inward House. And, a few horses totaled over 150. The hounds (they are not “dogs” but rather “hounds”) were beautiful and very ready to do their work.

The people were decked out to say the least. At the registration table our neighbor was serving Port to riders and onlookers, for free, at 10AM. These people know how to throw a party!

The video below explains it all, in full color and action.


See you on the road.

Bev & John


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