Central and South America, food diplomacy, Living Like Locals, Mexico, San Miguel de Allende

Feeding The Hungry in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

We are truly blessed in so many ways:

  1. We get to travel the world while caring for other peoples pets.
  2. We stay in some really beautiful places and homes.
  3. We learn new languages.
  4. We learn about different cultures and food.
  5. We make new friends.

Our current pet sitting assignment has taken all of the above and increased our blessings exponentially.

Our homeowners, Jonna and Raymond, are not only new great friends but they have enabled us to make a difference while we are here. Jonna heads-up Feed The Hungry San Miguel, an amazing organization that feeds 4700 children each week.  Those same 4700 children, mostly very poor living in the country or “Campo” are given school supplies that they would definitely otherwise not have.

Each Monday volunteers gather to package food and supplies for dozens of qualified schools. It is truly amazing how 20-25 volunteers can package food for 4700 students in under two hours.

During other days of the week these goodies are packed into trucks and delivered to the schools. We were especially fortunate to be able to deliver hundreds of packages of supplies (pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, rulers, notebooks…) to kids from kindergarten and up through primary school.

These kids and parents that have so little (by our standards) and yet are so happy, generous, and appreciative certainly made us think about our own lives and showed us how we could easily make a difference for others.

Jonna and Raymond are of on their trip. While we are caring for Brenda, Bug, Mocha, and Mona,

we still pack food on Mondays with the other volunteers. It is so much fun and feels great to spend our time doing something so worthwhile.

Thank you Jonna and Raymond for the opportunity.

See you on the road,

Bev & John


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