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San Miguel de Allende – For The Love of Dogs, People, and Food

You all probably know by now that we love pretty much everything about food. Shopping for it, preparing it, and of course, eating it is one of our go-to pastimes.

So, when our friend Donald, who lives with his wife Kate and adopted pup, Pee Wee, here in San Miguel de Allende, invited us to join him for a tour of the Tuesday Market, we jumped at it.

This is one of those markets where you can buy everything from used shoes to delicious Oaxaca cheese.

But, this market is not for everyone. Picture six tents, each the size of an American football field, and stuffed with people, tables, and everything imaginable. Kate, Donald’s wife, does not do the crowds so she wasn’t with us.

Fish eyes_inpixio_watermark
Fish Eyes – always on the lookout.
flat steak_watermark
Cecina, flat steak for tacos with Oaxaca cheese, yum.
pork on the gril_watermark
The grilled food smells amazing … but be careful what you eat!

As much as we love food, we could have spent the day just people watching. These are the happiest, most generous people we have ever been around. Yet, by U.S. standards of living they have a whole lot less to be happy about than we do. On the other hand, their commitment to family, fun, and food puts a huge smile on their faces everyday.

honey lady_watermark
The “Honey Lady”
Tuesday’s Entertainment.
Taco makers.
boy helping mom_inpixio_watermark
Boy helping his mother.
serious shopper_inpixio_Watermark
Perhaps not the happiest of faces, but a wonderful character image nonetheless. John was actually trying to capture the lady with the blanket wrapped around her, but she caught him and turned away.

We were wondering if we would like San Miguel de Allende as much now as we did four years ago.


This is especially curious for John. As interesting and beautiful as San Miguel is, it is still in Mexico. In much of Mexico, there are few modern conveniences, bad roads, homes with little or no heat, and internet that is less than totally fast and reliable.  And, here is John, a guy whose professional speaker friends used to joke that he wore “starched white shirts with cufflinks to bed”.

Even he has difficulty pinpointing exactly what it is about this place that he loves so much. Whatever it is, Bev and I are both smitten by this magical spot and are determined to spend more time here.

los frailes dogs_01 14 20_j B and kids _edited-2
John, Bev, (L-R) Pia, Princessa, and Prince Charming.

Nos vemos en el camino,

Bev & John


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