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Street Art in San Miguel’s Guadalupe Neighborhood

Mexico is known for its color — homes, clothing, murals, fiesta costumes, ceramics, food, .. the list could go on and on. San Miguel de Allende elevates this art of color while it’s neighborhood of Guadalupe takes it to an entirely different level.

Street Art in Guadalupe is more professional than we have seen in most cities. We wish we could acknowledge these artists but many have not signed their work. Suffice to say that there work is much better explained visually than any description we could give it.

01 17 20_mujer de mexico street mural_edited-201 17 20_blue girl mural_edited-201 17 20_blue young girl mural 2_edited-201 17 20_boy mural 2_edited-201 17 20_orange street mural_edited-201 17 20_orange lady on corner_edited-201 17 20_peacock mural_edited-201 17 20_snake on roof_edited-201 17 20_niña mural_edited-201 17 20_flags_edited-201 17 20_Devil Mural_edited-201 17 20_no parking_edited-201 17 20_yellow red wall_edited-201 17 20_colored flags_edited-201 17 20_Bull_edited-201 17 20_girl with green hair_edited-2

We hope you have enjoyed this short trip through the streets of Guadalupe.

See you on the road,

Bev & John


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