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Farewell Bali, Hello Vietnam!

bali kadek_bandj pic beans_edited-1 copy

Bev and John picking long beans for our lunch cooking class.

For Bev and I, the “last day” in any new place is usually very emotional.

On the one hand, we are looking forward to the next stop but on the other hand, we’ve made connections and often are not quite ready to move on.

Our last day in Bali was filled with mixed emotions. We have great anticipation for Hoi An, Vietnam, it’s beauty, history, people, culture and, naturally, food. At the same time we are wishing we had a couple more weeks in Ubud, Bali.

Not the most beautiful place we have ever visited, in fact it is far from that, Bali is far and away the most interesting. For three weeks we have been surrounded by happy, charming, full of life and smiles, accommodating, helpful, courteous, hard working, crazy driving, family loving people. The Yoga Barn has been our go-to spot. Yoga and meditation classes, fresh coconuts, fresh vegetarian food, and highly curious/inquisitive people from all over the globe.

bali kadek_8577 copy

Kadek, founder/owner/chef, Christina, Bev, our wonderful assistant and me. The kitchen was outside in a converted hut with very old stone stoves.

So, our last day in Bali was spent, not in meditation, but on a tour and cooking class at Mai Organic Farm . What a send off!

We were picked up by Kadek, the owner/founder of this organic farm cooperative that offers a sumptuous cooking-touring-learning experience, and a volunteer, Christina, from Jakarta. We toured several farms, picked the product and herbs we would be using in our lunch dishes, learned about organic farming, building a cooperative, and the local culture. The day flew by, the food was wonderful and we laughed and cooked our way to full, satisfied  bellies.

As last days go, Bali is the hands down winner, thus far. We’ll miss you Bali and wish we had a couple more weeks but we are really looking forward to making new friends, meeting new people and exploring new sites in Hoi An.

See You on the Road,

Bev & John



bali kadek_jandb-copy_edited-1 copy
Enjoing a special day at the Mai Organic Farm in Bali.

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