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Our Lunch With New Friends, in France, and A View of The Alps

Our homeowners, Vonny and Steve, took the time to introduce us to their friends, Frances and Pete, before leaving for Australia. Now, Frances and Pete are our friends as well. That is how house and pet sitting works.

We visited them for lunch the other day. Bev had made a wonderful soup and, of course, we brought some great bread and cheese. The dogs romped in the yard while we chatted, shared travel stories, and began becoming life-long friends.

As Pete and I chatted, he told me how much he loved looking out at the mountains, the Pre-Alps as they are called. Of course, I came prepared with my camera, so a few shots were taken. It was amazing how, in the span of a few minutes, the look of the mountains changed, as the sun and clouds changed.

Our view from down below in the morning up to the village of Chabrillan, our village..
Gray Skies over the pre-Alps.
Purple mountain majesty.
Weather coming in over the Alps.
Rhone-Alps from Roche sur Grane.

Each shot was basically of the same place, just a slightly different time. Overall, the elapsed time from the first shot to the last may have been 40 minutes.

My very last shot was at Pete’s behest. He said that Elvis had come to rest in these mountains. It is a pretty good likeness if you ask me.

Elvis lying in state in the Rhone Alps.

We had loads of laughs with our new friends. They are originally from the U.K. and had traveled throughout the a U.S., in a camper with a Gold-Wing Motorcycle from 1998 to 2001. They then moved from the UK to France where they have lived for some 15 years. They have had a fascinating life, one we enjoy learning more about. Next week we’ll get together again for another lunch somewhere in Saou and we’ll share pictures of each others travels. Should be more laughs.

See you on the road.

Bev & John


In the past two years we have visited more than 10 countries and 30 cities while making it possible for some wonderful home owners to go on holiday and not have to worry one little bit about their homes or their beloved animals.

Caring for two dogs in a small village in a foreign country can be daunting. But, not for us. We have done it before, As International Trusted House Sitters we get to make new friends with all sorts of critters. The best part, however, is making new human friends.We have rented our home and gotten rid of most of our “stuff”  so we could explore the world, unencumbered.

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We have rented our home and rid ourselves of most of our “collection of stuff” so we could explore the world, unencumbered.

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