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A Day in Crest, France

Of all of our travels thus far, perhaps the most enjoyable includes walking the dogs we are sitting for through one of the small, old villages in the area. It is like a step back in time. Modern conveniences surrounded by old — old buildings, old services, old ways of doing things.

So we were in Crest, France yesterday.

We packed Jasper into the car (which Vonny and Steve, our homeowners were so kind to arrange for us to drive), and set off to this little town. We had been near it several times since arriving but had not actually walked through the back streets and alley’s.

The character of this village, old but vibrant!

Bev and Jasper wait patiently as John photographs everything.

This building was at one end of the plaza. We sat at the other end, in the sun, in front of the Tourism office, for 45 minutes or so, just chatting and watching people pass by.

The stores close from 12-2PM for lunch. Speaking of restaurants, we passed by one, Kléber, the first Michelin Star restaurant John had ever seen, let alone eaten in. Based on the prices noticed on the menu, he’ll not be in this one any time soon.

Kléber may remain on our wish list! Or not.

Speaking of restaurants, we have all heard how the French love their food. Even in the little village of Crest there seem to be a restaurant every few feet. Not all at the level of Kléber, but lots of them. Not far from this restaurant is La Salle a Manager, where we had a lovely lunch on Saturday. There are boulangerie, pâtissière, a bistro for coffee, ethnic restaurants (although not many Asian that we have noticed). Restaurants for kebab. seem popular. As we pass them by, we notice the odd alleys that make-up the village.

Just one of our day’s highlights was this tree, cut back for winter, against the vibrant blue sky.

Today we’ll explore some other villages while we drop off eggs, from our hens, to some of Vonny and Steve’s friends. But, for now, Jasper wants to go for a walk.

Au revoir, nos amis.

Vous voir sur la route,

Bev & John

PS– oh, how I wish I had paid attention during Mr. Princes 10th grade French class!


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We have rented our home and rid ourselves of most of our “collection of stuff” so we could explore the world, unencumbered. Join us as we learn how to live like locals, throughout the world, without it costing a fortune.  

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