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Big Surprise in Big Canoe

We had heard from friends Pam and Robert Cardone, formerly of Georgia, that Big Canoe was very nice. Little did we know that “very nice” did not even begin to describe this lovely community.

Big Canoe is a paradise built on 8000 acres of mountainside in Northern Georgia. Big Canoe is a little over an hour north of Atlanta, the only Georgia city we have visited. There are gorgeous mountainside homes (like the one we are staying in), three lakes, three golf courses, about 30 hiking trails, kayak and canoe rentals, a gym, tennis, pickleball, and more groups doing more things than we could list, not that you’d be interested.

The House

Let’s start with the home. Bob and Ann went out of their way decorating for Christmas, just for us, before leaving for Oklahoma to visit their son whose wife was expecting another child.

The “Kids”

Now to introduce the animals. After all, that is why we live this crazy life, so we can have pets without having them. Over the five years that we have been pet sitting, we have had the opportunity to care for some pretty great pets. These three are no exception.


Blue loves his naps.

Blue is the elder. He is an 11 year old Pit Bull who is just the sweetest guy. He loves cuddling while watching Lifetime Christmas Movies. At 95 pounds, this cuddling is no easy task. Blue has Bells Palsy and an enlarged heart, so we have to be careful with the “Big Guy”. The heart is more than willing but the body needs restraint.


Rudy at Play, constantly

Rudy is just a baby. A Boxer mix, he is handsome as can be and has more energy than any one dog should be allowed. He can be mischievous, as noted by Bev’s partially eaten flip-flops, and loves (and needs) long walks to the dog park, sometimes long walks and the dog park. And, even then, he has more “left over” energy than most humans and/or animals have a right to enjoy.


Snickers is more dog than Cat and is more vocal than many humans.

The Neighborhood

The Big Canoe development and surrounding area is a photographers dream. Here are just a handful of pics.

The Amicalola Falls

Not far from Big Canoe is The Amicalola State Park. The park’s name is derived from a Cherokee language word meaning “tumbling waters”. The park is home to Amicalola Falls, a 729-foot waterfall that is the highest in Georgia.

Just getting to a place where you can view the falls is a challenge — 425 steps down (remember: what goes down, must come up). Both Bev and I did the trek while the other watched the dogs. It was worth every sore muscle and heavy breath.

The Hiking

There are trails and trails and trails on and off Big Canoe’s property. None are particularly difficult while all are thoroughly refreshing.

As evidenced by the last photo above, I can get confused on these trails. So, a day off is in order. Today we are visiting a winery in the area (there are quite a few) with new friends who we met through our homeowners.

Debbie and John, and Kim (behind Bev).

It is Christmas week so be sure to have a Merry Christmas and a travel filled New Year.

See you On The Road,

Bev & John


Bev, John, and three Chihuahuas in
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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