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Dogs, Cats, and Horses — our stay in Murrieta, California

We live an abundant life, for sure. Because we do house & pet sitting, our life has loads of animals. As we said in another post, we have visited 12 countries and 58 cities. Perhaps more important, we have cared for:

28 Dogs, 7 Cats,m, 6 horses, 10 Chickens/hens, 3 Ducks, 2 Pigs,
3 Alpaca, 1 Bunny, 2 Birds, and 3 Fish.

We are currently in Murrieta, California, near Temecula, one of the states great wine regions. And, we are caring for Noki, Niko, and Kai.

Our new buddy Noki. Such a sweet Viszla who loves going on walks and our day trips in the car.
Kai, one of the mischievous Bengal cats. They get into everything. We can’t leave anything on the counters or they’ll try to eat it or play with it. Watching this guy and Noki play in the evening is a riot. Sometimes Noki has Kai’s head in his mouth but never bites hime. It is a gentle rough housing, and they love it.
Niko is the quiet one. He is just as mischievous as Kai but he is just less vocal about it. And, he is beginning to get really used to us, even an occasional cuddle.
Kai will get a little board from time to time with our quiet life. So, he finds ways to stir the pot, everyday, several times a day, in some very funny ways.

Besides these guys, there are plenty of horses in this area. John loves horses and will photograph them all day.

A 15 minute walk from our home, this ranch has dozens of Mama’s and Babies.
What beautiful subjects! Watching them is a great pastime. The relationships between Mom and Baby is fascinating. Just like human kids, the babies push boundries and Mom has to rane them back in.
Every herd appears to have an unofficial “lookout”. This one never took his eyes off John and Noki.
Noki teaching Bev how to point.
Noki practicing “tip-toeing” at Skinner Lake.
Noki on a hike while we were Geocaching.
Noki making a new friend at our favorite Temecula Horse Ranch.
“Look what we found!”
Noki and Bev Geocaching.
We always find time for a “taste” especially at Palumbo Winery

More later!

See you On The Road!

Bev & John

2 thoughts on “Dogs, Cats, and Horses — our stay in Murrieta, California”

  1. We had surprise visitors yesterday, Howard & Bernadette Gilson! Haven’t seen them in years but it was like yesterday as we picked up where we left off., with ease! Wonderful how you can do that with some people. At dinner they told us about your adventure, “travel by pet sitting” and Deb and I were enthralled with the concept and the fact that you both not only pulled it off but are thriving. Not surprised since you are some of the most creative individuals we’ve ever met. Who knows, we might ask you to come to Florida and sit for our three babies. Hopefully soon. Best personal regards, Rick & Debbie DeBonis.


    1. Hey Rick, sorry for delay in replying. Yup, we are doing what we wished we had done 25 years ago. Currently in Porto, Portugal and headed for repeat pet sits in Tavira, Portugal and Benahavis, Spain. So, are you guys retired and living the dream in Florida? What part?
      We’d love to care for your fur babies. Let us know when.
      John & Bev


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